Black Mamba



Protect your headphones with these Beat Kicks covers in Black Mamba. Compatible with popular brands like Apple, Sony, and Bose, these covers are perfect for anyone looking to add some style and protection to their headphones. Made in the United States, these covers are specifically designed for headphones and are easy to install. The black colour adds a sleek and sophisticated touch to your headphones while keeping them safe from sweat and dirt. Don’t sacrifice style for functionality – get your Beat Kicks covers now.

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Perfect to protect your new headphones.

Machine washable 

Built to last

Slip right over your ear cushions and stays on while you workout

Check out my other Headphone covers plenty of different colours.

They are washable protective headphone covers that keep sweat and unwanted moisture, makeup or anything else you want from damaging your headphones. With their unique design, they are built to fit on most Brands, shapes and sizes of headphones. With the different colours and designers, users can change the look of their headphones, simply by slipping on a pair of “kicks”. So whether you are working out in or just listening to your favourite music, why not keep your headphones safe, and also add a little style.

Size Chart

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